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For all:
  • Use the map
  • Calculate directions
  • Look for trades in the directory.
For Gongoozlers:
  • All of the above
  • Set your location and an Alert radius to receive email updates from moving traders, and messages from trades nearby.
  • Completely free to use
For Boaters:
  • All of the above
  • Access gongoozler Watch, a new neighbourhood watch-style system which will help with issues on the waterways
  • Use the Travel Mode in the main map, which alerts you in realtime to trades which you pass on journeys and nearby facilities
  • Completely free to use
For Traders:
  • All of the above
  • Register your trade with us, whether it be boat-based, land-based, or an individual working nearby.
  • Display of trade in Map and Directory
  • Users can search for directions for your trade, and are alerted to your trade if they will pass by on their way somewhere else.
  • Roaming traders can switch on Travel Mode, displaying your position on the map in real-time and notifying users your location via email.
  • Any users using Travel Mode are similarly alerted in realtime when they pass you
  • Statistical breakdown per trade, including: how many users have viewed, how many users are currently nearby
  • Contact nearby users through up to three times a day
  • Unlimited listing edits per day (only one location edit for non-roaming boaters)
  • Upload your logo
  • Display your contact details, link to website, description, opening hours/schedule, access information etc.
  • From as little as £0.20 a day per trade
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