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  • Use the map
  • Calculate directions
  • Look for trades in the directory.
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  • Completely free to use
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  • Completely Free to use.
  • Set your location and an 'alert area' to receive email updates about moving traders
  • Use the 'travelling mode' in the main map, alerts you in realtime to trades which you pass on journeys and nearby facilities
  • Use Gongoozler Watch to keep track and report of incidents and problems occuring locally (such as flytipping)
  • To make requests from fellow boaters and traders (such as broken down, 'help', or 'please stop and give me coal')
For traders:
  • Register your trade with us, having complete control over content, including logo.
  • Fully editable
  • Trade will always display in main map
  • People searching for directions are automatically alerted if they are going to pass you
  • Anyone using 'travelling mode' are alerted in realtime when they pass you
  • Realtime tracking of position (if moving) which is reflected on the main map
  • Anyone who has signed up to receive updates will be alerted when you move into their radius (moving traders only)
  • From as little as £0.50 a day per trade less than a pint a week!
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