Data Policy
1. Information We Collect
1.1 Information You Provide
1.1.1 When you create an account you may provide the following information: Name, email address, phone number.
1.1.2 You can also provide a location which can be edited at any time.
1.1.3 When upgrading your account to Boater level, you also provide: Boat name and index number.
1.1.4 When upgrading your account to Trader level, you also provide: Trade name and trade location.
1.1.5 When purchasing a subscription for trader level, we hold transaction data such as date and amount.
2. How we use your information
2.1 Personal information such as your name is used in communication and as an identifier.
2.2 Email address and phone numbers are used to contact you about account updates, or for the notification services
2.3 Location data is used to provide accurate notifications on passing trades and reported incidents
2.4 Boat name and index is used to verify whether a user is a legitimate boater, and to reduce spam by adding this extra identifier.
2.5 Trade name and location is used to provide other users with information about your trade.
3. Sharing your information
3.1 No personal identifying information is shared with anyone (i.e. name and address)
3.2 uses Google Maps API service to render location information which has been provided, however this does not identify individuals
4. Legal Basis
4.1 We use your data as consistent with your consent.
5. GDPR Regulations
5.1 You have the right to access, rectify, port and erase your data.
6. Account Deletion
6.1 We store your data until you change or delete it, or Gongoozler LTD no longer needs it, whichever is sooner.
7. Policy Changes
7.1 We will contact you if this policy changes
8. Contact Gongoozler
8.1 In the first instance please email