Short-term Aims

Provide high-quality, detailed map.
Provide directions calculator
Allow traders to upload their trade to the map and directions matrix
Create incidents map

User-levels has three levels: Gongoozler, Boater, Trader.
They have different roles:
Gongoozler (free) is the base level.
Boater (free) is the second level. Can make incident reports, users must register craft details so there is accountability.
Trader (£5 per trade/m) Can do all of the above, but also can register a trade to place on the map and directions. These can be static or not.

Location Reporting

Gongoozlers, Boaters, and Traders can all register their 'personal location' if they wish and add a 'notify me' radius.
If they choose to be contacted, when trading boats enter or incidents occur within their 'notify me' radius, they will be notified via email.
For floating traders, there are two ways of reporting your location:
1. by drag and select, in the 'Your Trades' Menu.
2. by 'Live tracking'.
Both can be used interchangeably. The former is best for long stops, or to give a precise location to customers. If you are on the move frequently, you can try 'Live tracking' which will give your location tied to the nearest feature (ie. Bridge 90).
It is noted on the map which method is being used, and the time of the last update, to ensure that customers have an idea of how well reported this is.