Oh no, yet another canal website! Gongoozler was founded in early 2020 initialy in response to the vast numbers of crimes being reported on the canals via social media. The idea of a map-based site to catalogues these incidents was simply to visually represent where they occured. The initial response was well received, so the site had to change (which is still ongoing) into its present form. Exploring the functionality of the maps in plotting incidents and reports, we realised we could do a whole lot more, tracking canal traders, making directions, and a high-quality interactive map.


Anyone can use the map or directions matrix, which will let them know if they will pass any trade boats.
Regular users (Gongoozlers) can register to receive updates on traders which pass by their location, or incidents which occur nearby.
Users who register craft details (Boaters) can report incidents (everything from a break-in to flytipping) that occur near them.
Traders can register their trade to appear in the map and directions matrix, which will automatically update gongoozlers who are nearby.